Why Participating in a Team Sport Could Boost Your Child’s Confidence
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Why Participating in a Team Sport Could Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Being a kid is tough, despite what us adults might think. And when a child’s confidence is low, it shows in a number of ways. If you’re concerned that your child is suffering from low self-confidence, then why not enrol them in a team sport? There is so much more to team sports than winning trophies and dealing with soccer mums. Here, we’ve outlined how team sports can really boost your child’s confidence in a number of ways:

Getting physical = feeling happy

It’s no secret that when we exercise, chemicals are released in our brains that make us feel good. Studies have actually shown that exercise can ease anxiety and depression also. There’s no doubt that your child will start feeling better about themselves simply by being active on a regular basis.

Stamp out boredom and anti-social behaviour

Most of the time it’s the kids who are bored that act out. Team sports lessen boredom and can stave off anti-social behaviour which can develop in some children as a result of being idle for long periods of time.

Making new friends

Team sports are a great way for children to make new friends. There is often a number of social occasions throughout the year that are organised by the sporting club too, giving the children a chance to interact off the field. Rather than exercising by themselves, team sports are a great way to encourage physical activity as kids are keen to see their friends at the next game, practice or training session.

Feeling included

Team sports require everyone to work together. No one likes to feel left out and team sports give everyone the feeling that they are all an important member of the pack.

Encourages group work

Throughout school and into their adult lives, your child will have to work in group situations. Team sports help children develop the skills necessary to work effectively in a team environment.

Keeping fit and healthy

Of course, one of the more obvious benefits is that your child will feel good about themselves and will stay fit and healthy right through their childhood and into their teenage years, which will help them stay focused and energetic for school.


This should never be the main focus or reason for signing your child up for a team sport, but being rewarded for a good game can do a lot for a child’s confidence. Children don’t need a huge corporate awards ceremony, however, a sporting trophy will mark the occasion nicely, and give them something to display in their bedroom as a memento.

Playing sport has a wide range of benefits for children. If your child is suffering from low self-confidence, enrolling them in a team sport they’ll enjoy could be just the thing to give them the confidence boost they need.

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