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2 Famous Golf Trophies

Can you imagine a sport with as many memorable trophies as golf? Just the mention of the word stimulates visions of famous golfers holding their trophies aloft to a cheering crowd.

Although most weekend golfers are happy to hack their way around the course in a friendly competition with their friends and club members, there is still the lingering thought in the back of their minds that they will one day experience the glory and satisfaction of winning a competition trophy.

Whilst winning a major competition is the furthest thing from most golfers’ minds, a handicap system allows even the lowliest golfer to win some sort of trophy.

But there is no doubting the stimulus of witnessing a major tournament win by a favourite professional that spurs many a week-end golfer to greater heights! Take a look at the following list to see why.

  • The British Open. Simply titled ‘The Open’, this famous trophy, “The Claret Jug”, is possibly the most sought after in world golf. Widely regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in the popular sport, the competition began in 1860 and has been held yearly at 11 courses in England and Scotland on a rotating basis. It is rich in history and nearly every hole on every course has a story attached to it further reinforcing the importance of this most famous of Championships. The champions of this tournament bring with them their own stories of struggle and achievement, adding to the illustrious history of this tournament. There is none more famous than Ben Hogan, the American golfer who was born to poor parents in the State of Texas. After witnessing his father commit suicide at an early age, he joined in with the rest of his family working to pay the family expenses and to support his seamstress mother. Although the financial difficulties took their toll, Hogan went on to become one of the most famous golfers of all time by developing a new theory on how to swing a golf club. One of his most famous victories was recorded at the British Open in 1953 at Carnoustie. It was during this tournament that he became known as ‘The Wee Ice Man’, a name that was to remain with him until he died.
  • The US Open. This competition began in 1895, but it was not until 1913 that the championship really took off. Ever since then, stories abound of the fairway and green heroics that bring a smile to every die-hard golf fan. Take for instance the 1964 championship, when the oppressive heat threatened to derail the whole field. Ken Venturi started the final day six strokes behind the leader. Despite the horrendous heat conditions, he finished the first 18 holes of the day within two shots of the leader. After seeking medical attention before completing the final 18 holes, he was advised to withdraw but declined the doctor’s advice and struggled on using ice packs during the final 18 holes. In the end, his perseverance paid handsome dividends when he recorded a four stroke victory.

There are hundreds of stories about these and more famous golf trophies that continue to inspire everyday golfers are not just improve their scores, but to finally raise a championship trophy aloft.

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