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3 Reasons for Buying Wholesale Trophies

With everything we buy, we want to maximise value for money without sacrificing quality; this applies to trophies and corporate awards just as much as any other product. Among the many good reasons for buying wholesale trophies, recognition of achievement and progress, reduced expense and good quality are three of the most important.

Recognition of Achievement and Progress:

There is something about the public acknowledgement of achievement and progress that lifts spirits, increases motivation and makes a person feel valued. And, receiving a trophy as a token of appreciation or excellence or as recognition of a job well done, is a tangible reminder to a person of their success and contribution to an organisation or team.

Being recognised for achievement or progress can also solidify a person’s pride in their team or organisation and thereby increase their loyalty to it.

Awarding trophies on this basis apply to a range of businesses, groups, clubs and teams. Schools are one example; sporting, academic, arts and cultural teams very often favour a school’s all round educational offerings and all of these deserve recognition and appreciation. As the students involved invest their best effort, schools are similarly well served to buy wholesale trophies. Not only will participating students be acknowledged, the school is likely to enjoy some savings when a large order for trophies is made through a wholesaler.

It is very important that performance and progress be recognised and rewarded. Buying trophies on a wholesale basis provide businesses and team administrators with the opportunity to recognise and show appreciation to a greater number of contributing individuals.

Reduced Expense:

It follows that when goods are purchased in bulk, savings result.

Those who purchase trophies will find that there can be significant variation in the prices set by different trophy companies. Also, prices vary according to quantity of trophies, the size of the trophies and the amount of notice given before the trophies are to be awarded. Very often, discounts from wholesalers can be enjoyed when the company is producing several of the same trophies for another order, when there is plenty of lead time and when a discussion takes place to ascertain the trophy that best meets your needs.

Good Quality:

Although you may want to take advantage of discounted prices, this should not mean sacrificing quality or attention to detail!

Sentimental value is often invested in trophies and for many people, the recognition received through the awarding of a trophy means much more than an equivalent monetary value.

Imagine the heartbreak that comes from a valued employee or team player or club member receiving a trophy that is substandard. An award is belittling when the tangible appreciation of the person is coming unstuck, wobbly or crooked or perhaps even has their name incorrectly spelt.

Quality is essential. Wholesale trophies of inferior quality never represent good value for money so be sure to shop around and have the necessary discussions to ensure that you can be confident that the purchase you are making is expertly crafted and with close attention to detail.

It is definitely possible to buy quality wholesale trophies at a pleasing price. Trophies are a wonderful way to reward and recognise staff, players and members and are a long lasting representation of an individual’s contribution and how much it is valued. As pride and sentiment result from the awarding of many trophies, it is important to spend time making sure that the wholesaler you purchase from will deliver an appropriate, high-quality product at the right price.

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