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3 Unusual Corporate Trophies

The need for recognition of employees and high achievers in the corporate arena is just as, if not more, necessary than in any other arena. Trophies and corporate awards appropriately acknowledge team members and provide an indication of how much they are valued and appreciated. Recognition in the form of a corporate trophy shows an employee that they have made a contribution and that their contribution is acknowledged and appreciated by the company.

The good news is that when thinking about an appropriate corporate award, you can be as creative as you like! A huge range of materials are available to create artistic and original awards and trophies and modern laser engraving machines offer an incredible range of possibilities to enhance the product you choose.

Corporate trophies can be awarded for an almost endless list of reasons: retirements, promotions, milestones, targets being reached and surpassed and multi-level achievements. With a huge range of options available, it can be hard to select the award that is not only the most appropriate but the one that will be most proudly displayed.

Three Corporate Trophies You May Not Necessarily Think Of:

Plaques – not what they used to be!

For many achievements, plaques can be a great solution. Many people may think of plaques and yawn, but the days of the boring plaque made of dark wood with a tacky looking engraved plate hastily glued on are fortunately a thing of the past! Do NOT discount the appropriateness of a plaque and the options for tailoring its design to meet your requirements.

Plaques are now available in a huge range of colours and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials to reflect traditional and contemporary tastes. Plaques can be personalised and made unique with the laser engraving of names, quotes, company branding and logos, sayings or anything else that is desired.

Plaques are a common way to recognise achievement, effort and success in the corporate world and they are so often favoured because they are designed for display. With contemporary designs and many options for creating an original, attractive and unusual plaque, this award has had a ‘facelift’ and is worthy of presentation in contemporary corporate businesses.

Desk and homewares:

Many corporates choose to award staff with tasteful items that can be displayed (and possibly used) at home or at work. Pen sets, watches, photograph frames, paperweights, crystal barware, glasses, decanters, wine buckets, coffee mugs, tankards and beer steins all make great corporate awards.

These items come in a huge range of designs and to meet many different tastes. Although some may think of them and envision tired (and yes, a little dull) items covered in dust, this is not the case today. Contemporary designs and engraving options can make these items unique, original, interesting and yes, even a little bit funky.

The same applies to items that are more likely to be used in the office or for leisure pursuits. Name plates, business card holders, organisers, diaries and golfing accessories can all be personalised and presented in very modern forms to please and acknowledge valued employees.

Practical and useful items for the business professional:

There is a whole range of other items that are well suited to an award for a person in a corporate business. Leather bags and briefcases, car accessory organisers, leather business card holders, manicure sets, toiletry kits and leather portfolios are all useful items that make an appropriate award and symbol of appreciation.

Awards of this type are unusual, in the sense that they are not designed to be hung on a wall or displayed elsewhere, but they are unique, meaningful and thoughtful. They can also be personalised with engraving or embossing and obviously, are available in a variety of styles and types.

With the diversity of materials and options available, a corporate business can be incredibly creative and original in the awards and trophies that they offer employees. The award to be created will hopefully be displayed or used with honour, so think carefully about the staff member(s) you are selecting for, their tastes and a suitable token of appreciation for their efforts and achievements.

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