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3 Ways to Build Staff Morale

As any employer knows, the key to retaining good staff is making sure that staff morale and employee satisfaction don’t fall too low. In some industries, where the work itself provides constant stimulation, this is easy, but in other industries, the onus to keep spirits high must fall on the employer themselves. A commitment to the happiness of your workers will prove invaluable when it comes to productivity, staff retention and the general mood of the office, so it is wise to put some strategies in place to make sure this is a priority. We’ve put together three ways in which you can improve morale in the workplace, from intra-office competitions and rewards trophies to more flexibility when it comes to working conditions.

Say Thank You

You will be amazed at the power that these two little words have. So many times, in a busy office situation, the employer neglects to speak to employees about positive aspects of their work and only takes the time to engage them about things that have gone wrong or need improving on. This is a classic mistake because it can quickly appear as though an employer is overly negative, and cause workers to feel they are making no headway. Taking time out to praise good work, or simply offer thanks for a job well done will work wonders in any workplace.

Be Flexible

It’s been a rough few years, financially speaking, which means that pay raises and promotions are not always possible, even for those who truly deserve it. Instead of neglecting to address the situation entirely, find other ways to reward people and offer them the benefits they deserve. One way in which to do this is to be more flexible with hours or work situation. Offer staff the ability to work from home one day per week, or the option to structure their schedules in a way that helps them and their family life. A staff member who is suddenly able to cut down on babysitting costs by leaving early on a certain afternoon or is able to complete a course through work that they have been wanting to do will be much happier and feel more valued.

Have a Little Fun

Who says work and fun have to be mutually exclusive? Some of the most successful and high-pressure workplaces have schemes and routines in place to make sure their employees are allowed to blow off some steam occasionally. Friday night work drinks (provided by the company), an office footy tipping competition or an ongoing intra-office contest complete with corporate awards and a cash prize might seem trivial, but in a stressful job, these can mean the difference between burnout and a much healthier career.

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