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5 Great Ways to Motivate Your Staff

One of the most important keys to running a successful business is finding ways to keep your staff motivated. This can be quite a challenge as not only is everyone different but it can be hard to keep people motivated for long periods of time. The trick is to make an effort and to show your staff you are trying to not only get their best out of them but also reward them for all the amazing work that they do on a daily basis. The following are some great ways to help get your staff motivated and keep them that way.

Lead By Example

There is nothing more inspiring for a staff member than seeing the boss in there working just as hard as anyone else. If you expect your staff to be busting their guts on a daily basis, it is important that you are doing just as much if not more work than they are. Chances are you are making more money than them, so if you want more out of them than you need to be giving every little bit of yourself. A good boss is the first one at work and the last one to leave.

Give Awards

A fun way to motivate your staff is to offer corporate awards once or twice a year. This can provide a great opportunity to reward excellence in the workplace and give some type of award that your staff will be excited to win. Trophies like those that have the winner’s name engraved on it paired with a cash bonus is a sure way to have your staff working their tails off and motivated to be doing the best they can.

End of Year Bonuses

Giving your staff Christmas bonuses is a great way to keep them motivated, as obviously the size of their bonus will depend on how well the company has done throughout the year. Make it clear to your staff that they have a bonus coming and you are sure to have them motivated every day of the year.

Team Build

In workplaces where people have to work closely with each other, it can be hard to get motivated for some tasks if you don’t feel a big connection with your co-workers. Make a point of getting everyone out for a team building session every couple of months, even if it is just paying for dinner or beers down at the local pub. Having your co-workers form friendships is a sure way to have them firing on all cylinders when they are taking on those group tasks together.

Treat Them Well

Unless you treat your staff with respect, you are no chance of being able to motivate them to do anything. Make a point of providing the kind of workplace that people feel valued in and you will find that your staff stays motivated and your business successful.

Motivating people can be really easy if you think about things from their point of view. Make an effort to appreciate the roles played by your staff and find whatever ways you can to make it easy for them to feel good about their work and motivated to do their best.

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