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5 Ideas for Rewarding Staff

Rewarding staff is a great way to boost morale and create a positive environment in your workplace. Although it can be, it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary either. Here, we’ve listed some great ideas for rewarding your employees. From corporate awards for those who are high achievers to bottles of wine and vouchers to say ‘thank you’ for the extra effort put in after hours, we’ve got a great range of ideas suitable for all sorts of staff members:


Gifts are often a great idea for rewarding staff. You just need to choose something that is going to be liked by everyone, and isn’t too much of a personal gift. Some great ideas for this include a quality bottle of wine or champagne, gold class movie passes or a gift certificate. Another great idea is a voucher for dinner for two at an exclusive restaurant.

A holiday

Often in high pressure sales jobs trips overseas are a favourite incentive amongst staff and employers. This type of reward helps employees stay on track all year long and have something to aim for.

Create hype around the destination of the holiday right from the beginning of the year. If you do a good job of making the trip seem extremely desirable, not only is it a great reward for staff but it will also make your employees work hard throughout the year in order to give themselves the best chances of being able to go.

A staff dinner

A great reward for staff that will also help them build rapport with each other is a team outing. This can either be a paid lunch or dinner, movies or drinks at the local pub. Whatever it is, make sure you have a clear budget for the night because it can easily get out of hand when the company credit card gets passed around.

Ceremonies and awards

Workplace ceremonies where staff members are acknowledged for their work efforts and are presented with an award are a great way to show case the hard work of certain employees and praise them in front of their peers. We don’t necessarily mean trophies and champagne but an afternoon or morning tea with refreshments and an award presented are all that’s required to help staff feel valued and appreciated.

Get creative

Great employee rewards don’t always need to break the bank. Get creative with your rewards and think of things like favourite biscuits and lollies a staff member likes and buy it for them. Shout them lunch the next day for their help on that report. Or if you have an internal communication that gets sent to all staff members, why not give them a honourable mention? This won’t cost you much if anything at all but is a great way of letting staff know they are appreciated.

Rewarding staff is a great way to let your employees know that they are valued members of the team and that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. I hope our list of ideas has given you some useful tips for rewarding those that deserve it at your workplace.

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