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Awards Night After Party Ideas

The trophies have been handed out and the speeches are now complete. After a reasonable meal and some glasses of champagne, everyone’s ready to kick on at the after party. If you’re the one in charge of organising this important part of the evening, we’ve got some great tips and ideas to get you started:

Function rooms

Often it’s a good idea if your awards ceremony is being held at a hotel, to hire out a second function room for the after party. This way you can have the staff set up, serve your guests and create the atmosphere you want without having to worry about the clean up the next day. Plus people don’t have to go far either to get there. This will of course have a set time it will be allowed to run until so if you are worried that people will be disappointed about the length of time the party can run for, then you might want to consider another option. Otherwise, this really is a great idea.

House party/cocktail affair

If you or one of the organisers has a large house on a property, this could be the perfect setting for the after party. You can have the entire event catered for, hire DJ’s and have people serving drinks until as late as you like. This is a great idea especially during the warmer months as people can enjoy talking and mingling outside.

VIP Lounge

Hiring out a VIP lounge at one of the cities best night clubs or bars could be the ideal option for your after party event. Depending on how many people they’ll be and what you want, there is a range of packages to choose from. Many venues even have private rooms upstairs which you can rent out, some of these even come with their own private bar area and staff for the evening. Just make sure it’s not too far from the venue of the awards night as some people might want to go out locally and arrange their own smaller after party celebrations if the official party is too far away.

Letting people know

Whether it’s a corporate awards night or an industry event, right when you send out the invitations, you should let people know the location and time the after party will kick off. This could be something you add to the end of the invitation. A simple mention will suffice. Generally, after parties do not require a RSVP either.

Ultimately, your after party should be appropriate for the event that it follows. While hiring out a private room in a cocktail bar might be most appropriate for some awards events, for others an after party at a bowling alley complete with shoe hire, drinks and food would be more appropriate. Draw on what other after party organisers have arranged for this event in the past and get some feedback on what people liked and disliked.

If you are unsure of what to have, ask a few attendees that you know, to get a feel for what could be an appropriate idea. If you plan it right, your after party could just be the best of its kind this awards night event has ever seen.

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