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Corporate Events – The Key to Team Building

Whether it’s a day spent on the beach or a corporate awards night, corporate events just seem to bring workers together. But what exactly are the different kinds of corporate events and how can they affect your workers?

Amazing Race Style Adventures

Everyone has seen at least one episode of The Amazing Race. Haven’t you ever wished that you were a contestant on the show, racing around the world, partaking in all kinds of exciting adventures and challenges? Well, many corporate event organisers can provide the Amazing Race experience. Not only will this adventure style event bring your employees closer together, but they will also have an incredible experience that will last them a lifetime.

Sporting Competitions

It is no secret that sport helps to foster a strong team spirit. To use beach volleyball as an example, a day spent playing round-robin volleyball will force co-workers to properly communicate with their team-mates, develop and execute a game play, and show leadership and commitment.

It is important to pick a sport that everyone can participate in, so forget ice hockey or rugby. Low-intensity sports are best, such as volleyball, table tennis and bowling.

Corporate Awards Night

Although it may not be as exciting as an amazing race, a corporate awards night can be just as enjoyable. An awards night gives you the opportunity to recognise outstanding performers. Trophies can be handed out, hands can be shaken and everybody goes home feeling satisfied.

Drum Orchestra

If you really want to get wild, then a drum orchestra is the perfect corporate event. Participants are encouraged to start playing their instrument as soon as they receive it. The first piece of music is created from these initial explorations and the facilitators will guide the whole group through eye contact and body language.

This is a great event to demonstrate the power of non-verbal communication, so it is great for those in professions that deal with customers face-to-face, such as sales and marketing.

Guest Speakers

Corporate events don’t have to be physically demanding; a simple podium and a renowned guest speaker is all that you need. Needless to say, there are a number of different directions you can go with this event depending on the speakers you choose. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A Comedian – A comedian is a great choice for a guest speaker. If your company has gone through a rough patch or if there has been a recent string of layoffs, then a funny comedian can really help to pick up employee morale.
  • An Industry Expert – Every industry has its experts, so why not organise a guest speaker who can shed some light on where your industry is heading. Just remember to keep it light and entertaining. No notebooks or note-taking allowed.
  • A Motivational Speaker – No-one can exhilarate a crowd like an energetic motivational speaker. It might not be possible to get Tony Robbins, but there are plenty of talented motivational speaker around the world.

With these suggestions in hand, your office is ready to experience the best that corporate events have to offer. Have fun!

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