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Famous Fishing Trophies

If you ask any keen fisherman why they go fishing, you can be certain they won’t mention trophies. In fact, most fishermen have their own peculiar reasons, but high on every angler’s list is simple peace and quiet.

It is easy to imagine yourself engaging with nature and being at one with the environment. Simply standing on the banks of a quietly flowing river, or advancing into the shallow water off a beach to cast a line into the screaming surf is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

For many, this simple engagement with Mother Nature is enough. For others, it is the excitement of hearing the spin of the creel and the flash of silver beneath the surface just before hauling in a winning catch.

Take, for example, the Golden Beach Surf Fishing Competition. This well-known competition held on the Victorian Gippsland coastline over the four days of Easter every year draws anglers from all over Australia.

Everyone looks forward to the presentations at Golden Beach after lunch on Easter Sunday where the champion angler is crowned and the famous trophy is hoisted aloft. Results are tallied at the end of each day and you can almost feel the excitement build towards the ultimate climax on Easter Sunday morning.

Further afield in Echuca you might like to visit the famous Murray River RSL Fishing Classic. Normally held over a three-day period in March every year, this Fishing classic starts at the Five Mile Boat Ramp early in the morning, and by Sunday afternoon the winner is announced.

One of the favourite elements of this yearly event is the camaraderie and friendly competition between all competitors. At the end of the competition, an all in barbeque means that everybody can share their stories and bask in whatever glory they have managed to scrounge during the preceding two days. All in all, although the competition is paramount in most anglers’ minds, being able to finally lift one of the winning trophies is not far from their thoughts either.

The Yamaha Cod Classic is one of Australia’s richest fishing competitions with prizes valued at over $100,000 up for grabs. The prices normally take the form of a boat, motor and trailer package so the trip to Yarrawonga is well worth the effort. It is a catch and release event for all native species and no matter what level of skill, you are sure to find an easy way to enjoy yourself demonstrating all your fishing skills with bait and lure.

The Longreach Yellowbelly Classic is held in Longreach, Queensland at the end of every August. Boat and land anglers are welcome to compete in this catch and release competition which operates all day Saturday and up until noon on Sunday just in time for the presentation of trophies which start at 12:30 PM. Non-fishing family members can also enjoy other ancillary events like Yabby races, or a drink at the bar and barbeque.

If these events aren’t enough to whet your appetite, you probably are not a serious angler!

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