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Great Ideas for After Season Parties

Your team has done wonderfully this season so it’s definitely time to kick up the heels and celebrate the end of the season. But what sort of party should you go with? Something low key, or something more along the lines of a cocktail event? Here, we’ve listed some great ideas no matter what type of sport and level you’re playing at. From hosting a cocktail event that’s nothing short of something you’d see at a corporate awards ceremony, to an afternoon BBQ at a local park, we’ve got some great ideas you don’t want to miss:

Family friendly fun

If you and your team mates like things rather low key then perhaps an afternoon at a local park for a BBQ is a great way to celebrate. This is also great for people with young families as it’s something they can take their kids to. Buy some quality meat, wine, beer and soft drinks and spend the afternoon enjoying the great outdoors with your team mates and their families. Organise some games for the kids and have music playing to get the party started. Make sure there is plenty of food and drink to go around. Before hand, ask everyone to chip in a small amount or alternatively, ask everyone to bring a plate.

A cocktail event

Depending on what level you’re at, a cocktail event or something more formal like an awards ceremony might be in order. If you have some input into this process, then ask how the event has been put on previously. Start by looking at venues. For a great night, make the event cocktail with canapes and drinks served but no sit-down. This is when the prices will sore and speeches will turn from casual addresses to full fledged monologues.

Kids end of season parties

Little tykes deserve some party time too when the soccer season ends. A great idea for a kids team is to host a party at a local oval where you can set up picnic food and drinks and arrange for a number of sport related games to be played on the field. Purchase a soccer ball pinata and other novelty decorations and present trophies at the end if they still need to be given out. This is a great way to end the season and will keep the little ones excited for the season return.

Discussing the party with the team

If you’ve been put in charge of making the end of season party happen, talk to your team mates about what they’d like to do. Some may want to go out for dinner and drinks while others may want to go with an afternoon BBQ. Either way, you’ll get more people coming if you listen to what your team wants and by making it happen.

End of season parties are great fun. With some careful planning and consideration for what other team members may want to do, you’re sure to host a killer party, everyone will enjoy.

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