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Great Ideas for Corporate Awards

Giving out corporate awards is a great way to recognise people who are doing amazing work, though the type of awards you give can either make it a special honour or a bit of a joke. Make sure your corporate awards are fit to represent the occasion and are awards that everyone is secretly hoping that they will win. The following are some great ideas for corporate awards.

A Trophy

Everyone loves getting trophies, so get a fancy trophy designed and have it presented to the winner on a special occasion. Make the trophy large enough to have people’s names engraved on it for years to come as it can be inspiring winning an award that you can see one of your mentors has also taken out. Nothing goes better with a trophy than a cheque so chip in a decent amount of money to go with this award and truly celebrate the amazing work done by the winner.

A Weekend Away

It can be hard to come up with an award that you know everyone will want, so cover your bases by making it be a weekend away for the winner. You can even have a few choices for the winner to choose from as a way to ensure that they are getting the trip they want. Giving a reward like this will have the person return relaxed and ready to keep doing an amazing job for your business.

Conference Representative

If there is a big overseas conference coming up and you are unsure who to give this great opportunity to, maybe have it be part of the prize for your corporate awards. It makes sense to send your best workers to represent your company, and the opportunity to get paid to do some travelling and attend an important conference will be a huge deal for whoever wins.

A New Office

Your award winner will be really feeling like they are on the way up if part of their corporate award involves them getting a new office. It is important that you are providing an awesome environment to those who are doing an exceptional job, so take the opportunity of saying thanks to giving the gift of a larger, better office.

Local Dining

If there is a great local restaurant near your work place, have your award include a sizable voucher for food and drinks there. This will be a great bonus and will be a prize that can be easily shared with co-workers if the recipient is the generous type. Whether they spend it all at once or over the course of the coming months, they will be eating well and feeling appreciated for all the great work they do.

Recognising your best workers through corporate awards is a great way to show thanks for the amazing effort being put in, as well as inspire others to improve and reach similar heights. Be thoughtful and generous when deciding on how you will recognise people, as while a proper thank you will do wonders, a hollow gesture may leave a person feeling like it’s time for them to move on.

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