How to Encourage Staff Performance with an Awards Night
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How to Encourage Staff Performance with an Awards Night

Every successful business owner knows the value of a happy workforce. That’s why corporate awards are so important. Keeping employees motivated is one of the key elements in maintaining productivity and keeping profits maximised.

In fact, most workers can recall times when they were frustrated at work, and one of the key reasons for their frustration is a lack of recognition. This just highlights the fact that everyone likes to be recognised and valued in whatever they do. If you boost an employee’s confidence, you’re likely to boost your profit as well.

You only have to look at some of the more successful companies in your line of business to see how important staff recognition really is. It doesn’t matter how big or small your workforce is, the leading business in your field of endeavour is likely to be one of the happiest workforces. If copying someone is the sincerest form of flattery then it’s time you started flattering your competition! The best way to do this is to copy the way they treat their staff.

Let’s look at a couple of industries and look at some examples of how the most successful businesses get the best out of their employees.

  • In the real estate industry, one of the most competitive in the nation, regular staff awards nights are one of the most common ways that staff members are recognised for their achievements. Public recognition is the best way that accolades can be enjoyed, and employees who are honoured in this way are motivated even more to maintain their high standards. In fact, some of the largest real estate agencies make their staff awards nights a real media event and invite newspapers and television stations to record the event, not just for the publicity it brings to the organisation, but to the individual achievers as well.
  • In the hairdressing industry, Stefan, one of Australia’s most prominent hair salon owners created huge publicity for his business when a major public broadcaster featured his staff awards night as prime-time television during the 1970s. He maintains that it was not the brand recognition that he craved, he simply wanted to show his staff how much he appreciated their work because he knew that this was the best way to keep all staff, including juniors who are just starting out in their trade, striving to achieve even greater heights.

If it is good enough for these, the very best their industries have to offer, it should be good for you too.

We all acknowledge the pride that comes from winning trophies and awards. Indeed, we have all experienced the joy of winning at some stage in life. It is part of human history to celebrate success in the fields of battle and in sport and we all acknowledge the value of recognition from our peers and competitors alike.

When considering the best way to reward your staff, do not underestimate the power of a corporate awards night. Not only will it bring greater harmony to your workforce, it may just make your bottom line even better!

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