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How to Host an Office Fundraiser

In the business world, the bottom line is always profit. Sometimes, however, businesses like to give back to the community, and not only is this a great way to help people in need, it boosts employee morale and public goodwill as well. If you’ve been put in charge of hosting an office fundraiser or at least organising the specifics, we’ve put together a guide to doing it in style. From skills competitions between staff members complete with trophies and prizes to how to choose a charity with which to align yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing The Right Charity

With so many deserving non-profit organisations out there, how do you choose just one to support through your fundraiser? Sometimes the choice is made easy, as senior members of the organisation may have an affinity with one cause over another, but other times the choice is down to you and in order to decide, you need to take a few things into account.

  • Do the morals and ethics of the charity in question align with those of the workplace?
  • Are there any charities in a similar industry? (ie, if your workplace is a law firm, perhaps you could find a charity that sponsors disadvantaged students to get law degrees, or offers free legal advice to battered women)
  • Does the charity have some degree of transparency so that you can see where your funds will be used?

These are a few criteria that may help you decide, and at the end of the day, the cause that resonated with the most people involved will probably be the right choice.

Organising the Event

A fundraising event can be as inventive as the organisers behind it, so get creative! Some workplaces choose to host a charity ball, selling tickets to staff members and matching the revenue in order to donate. Others host auctions, with the proceeds going to charity, and others still choose to increase the degree of staff involvement and host athletic events or trivia nights in which staff members can win prizes for themselves and money for the charity of their choosing. However you choose to organise the event there needs to be plenty of prior warning, as well as a lot of workplace publicity to ensure that the event builds hype–there’s nothing worse than a charity ball with no attendees!

Making It Worth Their While

Let’s be frank for a moment–as good as people’s intentions may be, everybody likes to be rewarded in some way for a job well done. Whatever your charity event may be, there should be a payoff as an incentive for people to take part. It might be a trophy, some corporate awards, a cash prize or a decadent night out in return for the biggest contribution. To avoid rewarding people for the amount contributed, it’s a good idea to reward for effort. One well-known Australian company hosts regular exercise-bike challenges, donating $10 for every kilometre ridden by a staff member. The staff member to ride the furthest is rewarded by being given the CEO’s office for a week, as well as access to a personal assistant. Now that’s a prize you could get on a bike for!

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