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How to Make Your Next Awards Night Unique

Awards nights should no longer be something that attendees have to ‘sit through’. To the contrary, corporate awards and trophies should be presented at an occasion that is dynamic, entertaining and meaningful.

It is very important that awards nights are not treated tokenistic and as something, a business or sporting club ‘has to do’ out of obligation. Rather, awards nights should be occasions at which achievements are genuinely celebrated and acknowledged.

Employees, team or club members are bound to be enthused, motivated and appreciative of an awards night that is unique and memorable.

So, how do you put on a unique awards night?

  1. Setting – Think carefully about the place that you will have the awards night and the atmosphere it can create. Some businesses or teams choose to have awards nights in their offices or rooms and this can often be dictated by budget and funds available. Even ‘usual’ or familiar settings can be transformed into something spectacular or impressive with some thought to the presentation of the space.
  2. Timing and structure – Timing and structure of the events of the awards night are very important. Events should flow and be strategically ordered to maintain the interest and enthusiasm of the audience and appropriately honour award recipients.
  3. Audio visual elements – If audio visual equipment is to be used, make sure that it is working efficiently – this is a basic need for a successful awards night. For a unique awards night, make sure the equipment used gives sharp, reliable, bright projection and clear, crisp sound.
  4. Transitions – Depending on the equipment being used and the scale of the awards night, it is important to ensure that there is easy switching and fading between the emcee, logos, video footage and segments, live camera and live speakers. Rehearsing the timing and transitions of the different components will make for a more professional and thoroughly prepared awards night.
  5. Lighting – As appropriate, the lighting used should be exciting. There are numerous options to use lighting effects to enhance the occasion and make it all the more interesting.
  6. Sound system – A quality sound system should be available. Added to this, interesting, dynamic walk up music can be used to maximise levels of interest and entertainment (and perhaps use to contribute some humour too). Similarly, any background music that is used should be well chosen.
  7. Entertainment – Depending on the scale of the awards night, quality entertainment will help to create atmosphere and enhance the enjoyment of the awards night experience. Consider the types of entertainment that may be appropriate: musicians, comedians and magicians are just a few possibilities. Also, ensure that the emcee can effectively fulfil their tasks and understands the atmosphere and purpose of the occasion.
  8. Atmosphere – Finally, and perhaps most importantly, invest a lot of thought in the sort of atmosphere that is appropriate and desired for the awards night. Do you want to create an atmosphere that is reflective and professional? Or perhaps one that is fun and lighthearted? There are many ways to build a chosen atmosphere and the use of elements such as setting, lighting, decorations, theme and sound are just some of the contributing factors.

Awards nights are often characterised by emotion and nervous excitement. A quality awards night celebrates, honours and inspires attendees and authentically acknowledges those receiving awards and trophies. With the use of a few key elements, a unique and impressive awards night can be delivered, no matter what the budget available or whether the awards night is a large corporate or a local sporting club.

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