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How Trophies Enhance the Winning Experience

Every successful company, no matter what industry or profession, knows the value of a satisfied and happy workforce, and the importance of corporate awards. It might seem a matter of common sense, but one of the best ways to maximise profit and increase efficiency is to make sure that your staff are content but only with their general conditions of employment, but also in terms of job satisfaction.

There is simply no doubt about it, every employee likes to feel valued and to be an important member of staff. Where employment involves working as part of a team it is a supervisor’s job to maintain high morale by providing continuous stimulus and positive feedback as well is setting realistic targets.

It can sometimes be a matter of fine judgement, but stimulating competition within your workforce can be a very effective way to keep employees performing at their peak. This is because everyone likes to be a winner. Every nation on earth has a sporting heritage to be proud of and this same sense of pride can be transferred into the workforce in the form of competition.

Whilst this competition can be extremely productive it also needs to be managed carefully so as not to generate enmity between staff members. Instead, any competitive environment needs to be nurtured in a positive way and managed so that all participants, including those of teams which have not fared as well as others, are still rewarded for their efforts and recognised as such.

Given the analogy between sport and work, what better way to represent success in the workforce than by awarding trophies to the highest performing staff members. Trophies provide a tangible method of recognition and the status that can be attached to winning a trophy is one that can be remembered for years to come.

What a trophy takes pride of place in the boardroom, or the staff room, a trophy stimulates the memory of achievement and private performance which can not only increase the self-esteem of the successful trophy winners, but also revive an incentive for other staff members to achieve the same levels.

There is something in all of us that responds to reward and recognition, and you only have to look at famous sporting trophies to provide you with the evidence.

  • The Melbourne Cup is one of the most famous horse races on earth and the simple symbol of the 3 handled immediately conveys a feeling of success and esteem to the winning owner and jockey every year. Once achieved, The Cup continues to be recognised long after both winners have retired.
  • The Brownlow Medal. In the Australian Football League, the winner of the Brownlow Medal every year achieves almost a revered status in the history of the game. The medal itself is only the size of a thumbnail, but the pride it generates is in indirect proportion to its size.

You might think that winners are grinners, but when the win comes with trophies the grin is broader and wider.

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