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The Benefits of Small Events

A big factor that determines many people’s decision when deciding where to spend a night out, is how big or small an event is going to be. If you know almost everybody there, you’ll generally have a great time no matter how big the event. In that sense, it seems that smaller often means better. The following are some of the benefits of smaller events.

Meet people

There’s nothing worse than being in a huge room with a bunch of people and not knowing anyone there. It can be really hard to walk over to a large group of people and introduce yourself. However, when the crowd is smaller, it’s so much easier to go and say hi. You’re way more likely to remember people’s names when there aren’t as many of them, and it always seems easier to build a sense of camaraderie when you’re part of a smaller crowd.

Close to the action

If the venue is small, you’re sure to be way closer to the action no matter where it is in the venue. This can make a huge difference, with events such as live theatre or music, and if the event is a meeting of sorts, the more intimate the better in terms of people being able to see and hear each other. For events like corporate awards or kids’ sports award ceremonies, smaller events can make it so that everyone gets a good view of their loved ones receiving their trophies.

More special

There really is something to be said for knowing that you saw something or went to something that not very many other people did. Though it sounds unusual, the feeling of being part of a small and special group will often make people more likely to want to attend an event.

Easy to fill

One of the most stressful things about event organising is worrying if you’ll have a lot of empty seats. A small event all but eliminates this concern, as there aren’t very many seats to fill in the first place. If you’re doing your first solo event, whether it’s an art show or a musical performance, it’s a really good idea to get a little venue; that way, your friends and family should be enough to pack the place. There’s also nothing more deflating for a performer than to see an empty house.

Cheap to put on

A small venue restricts the amount you can do, so the venue costs will be smaller and any labour costs minimal. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about breaking even.

Quick to set up / clean up

Small events are usually quick and easy to set up and clean up, so you won’t need lots of help to run the event. This is one of the main reasons smaller events are so popular, as you can run the entire event by yourself.

While they may not always be cheaper, small events are often people’s favourites, so when you’re planning your next big event, take your time working out the right size, as bigger no longer necessarily equals better.

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