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Top Ten Most Popular Corporate Trophies

Corporate trophies are becoming increasingly commonplace in workplaces all around the world. Handing out a simple commemorative plaque can do wonders for employee morale and it brings the whole office closer together, so if you’re a CEO or in charge of HR, it makes sense to organise an awards night. But what kind of trophies do you pick out from the hundreds available? Here is a list of the ten most popular corporate trophies:

    1. Crystal Awards

Nothing looks as prestigious as a beautifully crafted crystal award. Not only do they look great, but they can be engraved upon to add that little personal touch.

    1. Medallions

Medallions are popular in offices all over the world. You find them in the sports arena, in the literary sphere, and increasingly in the corporate world. There is just something special about receiving a medallion.

    1. Plaques

Plaques are the perfect trophy to commemorate an event or to celebrate ongoing achievements. They have quickly risen in stature and popularity in the corporate world and can now be seen on desks and walls all over the country.

    1. Badges

Remember how great you felt in school when you got your first badge? Do you remember pinning it to your shirt and walking around with pride? People still love badges and so it is a great choice for a corporate award.

    1. Cups

In bygone days, cups were only awarded to recognise sporting excellence. Today, corporate excellence is more than deserving of the coveted cup. Make sure that this one is only awarded for special achievements.

    1. Acrylic Awards

Acrylic is an extremely versatile material. It is much quicker to create acrylic awards than metal and looks great with laser engraving, colour filled text or customised aluminium plates.

    1. Shields

If you want to make a real impression on awards night, instead of the regular trophies, use commemorative shields. They are the least utilised trophy on this list and can really make an impression on your employees.

    1. Metal Trophies

When most people think of metal trophies, they think of the cheap aluminium figurines they won during their sporting days. But metal trophies these days come in all shapes, sizes and styles, many of which are very eye-catching.

    1. Name Bars

A name bar is a simple and no-frills award that can be organised on mass in a matter of days. Despite the simplicity of its design, there is a certain appeal to having one’s name printed on finely polished timber.

    1. Glass Clocks

Incorporating clocks into glass awards is a new and innovative trophy design. The genius behind this design is that many people will keep the award on their desk for much longer than they usually would because it is practical to have a clock on your desk.

Well, there you have it, the top ten most popular corporate trophies. Next time you want to hold a corporate awards night, check out our list of the top ten trophies.

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