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Ways To Give Back Now That Your Company is Thriving

Now that your business has gone from just surviving to thriving, it’s a good idea to share the wealth and give back a little to those who have helped with your success. The following are some great ways to show that your company isn’t just about making money.

Sponsor a Corporate Award

Put a bit of money aside and establish a couple of corporate awards. No doubt your staff members have played a huge role in your company’s success, so establish an award to recognise some of the amazing work being done. This could be an internal award for your business or something larger for the industry, though either way it will help establish a culture of recognition and gratitude.

Support a Local Junior Sport Team

Even a small sponsorship helps out a lot in junior sports, so get input from your staff and choose a local team to offer a little support to. Whether you donate money, supplies or trophies for the end of year awards, give something and your business will be an instant local hero. Any good business should be thinking about the greater community and the gesture will be a huge thrill for the youngsters in the team.

Give To Charity

Make a point of at least once a year of making a sizable donation to at least one local charity. Charities play a vital role in our society and no doubt their work will touch the lives of people connected to your business, so be generous and help make sure these great organizations can do the amazing work that they do.

Give a Discount

Now that you no longer need to bring in every possible dollar, show that you appreciate those loyal customers who have made you a success by offering some sweet discounts. Holding a customer appreciation event is a great move and you will get a big turn out if you offer some great deals.

Offer a Scholarship

Obviously for your business to be doing so well your staff must be amazing, so make sure there are more up and coming dynamos by putting up some money for a scholarship at the local University. Sometimes the hardest part about getting into your chosen field is affording to pay for your degree, so make it easier for young talent to be coming through by easing some of the financial burden.

Hold a Big Thank You Party for Your Staff

Don’t forget who has made your business success possible and throw a big party to thank all of your staff. Sure they are getting paid already, though they are far more likely to want to stick around and keep your business thriving if they are feeling the love. Give back to your staff if you expect them to keep on giving.

Don’t be one of the money hungry businesses who are never satisfied instead celebrate your success and spread the wealth. It really is true that the more you give the more you receive, so make sure your company is known for its generosity as well as its success.

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